When your child puts you to shame…


The other day, I was seriously suffering from extreme hunger, due to an oral surgery and not being able to eat. You’ve all probably heard the phrase, “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry” and it is so true! Hunger really does have an effect on us. It’s been shown that people on diets are grumpier and more irritable. I tend to be somewhat grumpy and irritable on a good day, so I, if anyone, should stay fueled up! Haha!

Sadly, on this particular day, I was not fueled. It was mid afternoon, and I felt like my stomach was eating itself. I was busy tying up some packages with ribbon, when my little daughter comes up to the kitchen counter, interested in my activity. She reaches up, enticed by a roll of bright green ribbon. And she promptly drops it. Whereupon it rolls across the floor, unwinding itself at warp speed. I snap, “Why did you do that?!? Don’t TOUCH!” and I immediately felt foolish. It’s a spool of ribbon; she can’t hurt it! She’s a curious toddler! But my sweet girl says, “It’s okay, Mommy. I can roll it! I can roll it back up!”. Luckily, my pride got in the way for no more than a second. I apologized. My precious girl questioned why, and I replied, “Because Mommy shouldn’t have yelled at you. That wasn’t nice.”. And she reassured me, “It’s okay, Mommy. It’s okay when we say sorry to ‘each-udders’ that we love.” Then she paused a moment before continuing, “I’m sorry I touched the ribbon. I love you.” as she carefully rewound it onto the spool.

We are supposed to set examples for our children, but sometimes, they set the example for us. Have your children ever put you to shame?


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