Strengths and Weaknesses

Last night I had dinner at a friend’s house. Both she and her husband were impressed that I painted the dining room by myself this week. I was, of course, flattered, but I didn’t see it as a grand undertaking (maybe just a small one. 🙂 ), I simply looked at my wall one day, determined that it was suddenly hideous and I couldn’t stand it another minute! So it made me feel bad, because my friend is so talented in so many ways…she fixes these super healthy meals that put me to shame (yes, me! And I’ve been called a health nut!)…she runs a successful direct marketing business and she’s very tech savvy. All that on top of mothering, which is already a full time job. But I paint a wall and that’s impressive? What about all those other areas my friend is gifted in?

I think sometimes we need reminded that we each have our own talents and abilities. What seems toweringly impossible to me, may be a breeze for you. For instance, I hate driving to the city. It’s twenty minutes away, but to me, it feels like hours. I dislike the traffic, I hate driving in an unfamiliar place, and I am always getting lost and driving around in circles because I ignored the GPS’s instructions. I’m always so impressed by other moms who jauntily head off to the zoo or children’s museum on a whim. I think, “How in the world do you have the energy for all that?”. I do it now and then, but I find it exhausting. I’d much rather spend an hour at our local mall and let the kids romp around in the play area for free while I sip on a bubble tea. Then go home and relax with a cup of coffee to recoup.

So don’t forget, you’re talented too. Your talent may not be my talent, but it isn’t any better or any worse than mine. That’s what makes you unique and special in the eyes of God. And me, too. 🙂

What are some of your strengths or weaknesses?

Please comment below!

2 thoughts on “Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. We are definitely all talented in different ways 🙂 One talent isn’t better than another, we all have things we are better at or more ambitious about. We certainly are all in this together, as your blog says. One of my strengths is that I’m tenacious. I have found if you are persistent with something, you don’t necessarily have to be that talented.


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