Feeling Empowered

Hubby has been out of town this week, and my oldest daughter is staying with my mom. With only one child at home and no one to cook for, I’ve had ample time on my hands! I cleaned every surface in my house, vacuumed, organized toys, cleaned out pantry, swept, washed floor, ironed….and that was all in the first 24 hours! So I set my sights on painting my dining room. Since we moved in, it has been an ugly light sage green. No offense if you like green, but it’s just not me. Plus, it was scuffed in a few places, and had two rough, white spots where the previous owners had puttied holes and not painted over them. It was time for a new color! I’ve made record time edging and rolling my first coat of toasty brown, and can’t wait for the baby to go to sleep tonight so I can finish up and put the dining room back in order tomorrow!

So, to come back around to my title…I am feeling proud of myself for all I’ve accomplished this week. And I wonder why, because anyone can clean a house, or paint a wall. But this is one of those rare moments where I feel like I might actually have it together just a bit. I am taking care of my house, making it pretty and comfortable for my family to live in. No one wants to be tripping on toys as they walk across the room, or have things falling on top of them when they open the pantry door (which reminds me, must clean freezer!). I feel like I have mastered my domain this week, and that is empowering!

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