Remembering to Be Thankful

This morning, a friend posted on Facebook how she enjoys a little music, or a news show on for some background noise in the mornings. I replied to her comment, “My background noise is usually crying!”. She said, “And I’m sure lots of giggles, too!”.

I couldn’t help but think of the many mornings (the current one still fresh in my mind) where I finally get to sit down with my breakfast and coffee, only to hear screeching in my ear. I turn to the high chair beside me to see blueberries squished on the tray and a baby with a messy plate on her head. I grumble inwardly, “Great, that means the second bath in 12 hours is coming up.”. I try to refocus on my oh so delicious breakfast, but I hear a plastic plate dropping to the floor and my little one fussing. I look again and see reaching arms, dirty hands. I sigh. I rise from my chair, abandoning my untouched breakfast, and ever cooling coffee. No sooner do I take care of cleaning up the baby, than my three year old needs me in the bathroom. Or the baby is still spitting mad that I dared to wipe her face…and for some reason that makes her want to be held…and guess what?? Boy, my breakfast sure looks good to her! Five warmups later, my coffee is only half gone and its time to go. (And I’m strangely happy, because I have coffee to save for later, potentially saving me another scene similar to the one above!)

Sometimes I long for the mornings when my biggest morning ‘stressor’ was making it to the gym on time for my favorite warm-up song at Zumba. That might be followed by a leisurely trip to the grocery, then home to take a quiet, relaxing shower, do a little straightening up around the house, maybe throw in a load of laundry…all before lunch. Now I count it a success when I’ve brushed my teeth AND my hair before noon.

But I can’t forget those sweet giggles, because, more often than not, my girls ARE happy. High maintenance, maybe, but happy, precious girls full of life! It is so hard to remember to be grateful when every part of your day is a struggle to do something, anything productive! But I love their sweet laughter, cuddles, and kisses. How can I lose my appreciation for that in light of sticky floors and messy hands? My girls are worth it…they are worth my time and attention and love and patience. Oh Lord, give me patience….

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