Hello mommy world!

I decided to start a blog because I want to encourage other moms, share info on healthy living, some DIY, and perhaps amuse myself, if not you, as well! Being a stay at home mom can be lonely, even though we have friends and activities to keep us busy most days. But its hard to have deep conversations when kids are running around, fighting over snacks, arguing over toys…. And sometimes, you need more than just small talk; you need to connect with someone. To know that someone understands and feels the exact same way you do, has the same thoughts and fears from time to time. We can all be real with each other. No one has to pretend to be super mom, like they have it all together. Because, let’s face it…everyone hates that perfectly perfect mom specimen, am I right???… I’m kidding, but there’s some truth in that statement. No one wants to be around people who make them feel inferior, because we consider ourselves as such far too often. So let’s be real and support each other in any way we can!

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